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Ta Ta For Now!

2016-02-13 06:06:00 by SnowyBangers

I've abandoned this site

There's only me and MisterOutcast so far in this collab (i happen to be collab leader of course)

I would love for more sprite aniamtors to come aboard and have a bit of fun with sprite animating silly sprite aniamtion parts! :D 


Link below for further details

So the last two weeks I had two requests (kinda) more like wondering if another edition to the Game Under! series would come about soon. It's amazing to know after 3 years somebody actually wants it to come back!


so if you love sprite animating for the fun of it or as a passion click the link below for further detials for the collab :)

I came back to release my student 2D animated film Renewed Flesh

I completed it during the last few months of my animation bachelor degree at uni.


Enjoy watching it :)



Goodbye Newgrounds, its been a wild ride

2014-01-31 02:17:57 by SnowyBangers

I don't have to be here anymore


I'm not thrilled with working with the collabs and solo projects and hoping to score daily awards on Newgrounds anymore which is just a tight reindeer game to me


Plus the re-design of Newgrounds told me it's time to move on and keep the awesome memories back when it used to be 'everything by everyone' on this site.



I'm going to move on to working on high-def quality 20 minute animation projects for portfolio purposes for now and have myself known in the future working for a major animation firm or my own animation studio. It's for the best of me.



Now I take a bow, and now shall go and win at life.


Goodbye everyone




(2007 - 2014)


New YouTube channel ;)

2013-06-20 06:34:15 by SnowyBangers

I had set up a let's play gaming channel, already nearly over 50 vids there

take a look you pixelheads and 3d renderheads Xp

Let's Play Game Channel

Animation Drought.

2013-05-03 06:33:42 by SnowyBangers

seeing this year is gonna be a hardcore year for me at my animation/media college with all the assignments and stuff. I only been restricted to have only 2 weeks holiday this year... meaning no spare time on my hands to work on anything on Flash after those 2 weeks... :\

So I would really like to do a hilarious animation with other peoplez.

someone to work on a background, voice act, music, a script.

OK.. so like a lil movie jam, but make with me in less than 2 weeks.

It begins 11th May

apply :)

no use for an image here


2012-12-05 01:14:06 by SnowyBangers

nearly 4 years ago... in 2008. a collab phenomenon was born. Collabs made entirely out of sprites with parts made under a days work, and always a new video game topic each day was the go.

back then I was shitting bricks about how successful this idea was and yet I wasn't able to animate with sprites back then.
The abolishment of daily awards were stolen by well deserved animators and yet the automate scoring system formulating top 5 ranks couldn't change the tides on these simple redundant collabs each day to earn great views, greats scores, cheesy troll reviews and daily awards being given to underrated noobs of Newgrounds who joined the collabs each day.

And yes, Sprite A Day Series 1 died, the former leaders disappeared into oblivion away from NG and sprites were no longer a popular trend anymore... Then came Series 2 which was bombed down on scores and only a few flashes were made and the numbers dropped on co-authors later on. and Sprite A Day was incinerated to pieces as the worst trophy stealing collab series yet the longest collab series.. ever made.

but wait.. there were a few more popular games that weren't brought into the spotlight.. and so dante224 (pants the terrible) somewhat surprised everyone by bringing back Sprite A Day and a new batch of NG rookies and newcomers.

And yes, here's a twist of fate, I thought I'd never be a part of this collab again since the forefathers of SAD informed me it was to be never be brought back. Sprite A Day inspired me to create my Game Under! series which was all about quality at a good to a fantastic standard

GAME UNDER! VOLUME.. nahh... I was suppose to move from dedicating my time to create awesome sprite shorts that took more than day or two to do..


if anyone else is interested in making shitty sprite shorts and guarantee and co-author place and a potential to snag a few 4th and 5th daily awards along the way of this series. let's mix the quality of greatness and badness together and shine once again!.

here's the details ripped form dante224..

"all submissions will be 350x200, 24fps, and i will personally make the background whatever color you might require if you are too lazy. also, name your symbols please. nobody likes an unusable library."

lets have some fun with this guys and girls :)

be sure to PM dante224 if you want to join this series! :D

cheers mateys :P


Please explain..

2012-09-16 07:05:35 by SnowyBangers

why Game Under! Volume 5 of all a sudden gets front-paged by the NG staff since it was in the portal many weeks ago back in August 26th 2012...

it started off with an awesome score (over 3.8) and some nice reviews, then what next?? I find out that the score suddenly dropped, the view count skyrocketed in over 13000 views already and some heavily criticism occurs on the whole collab ever since it made a surprising front page appearance..

what game are you trying to play Newgrounds? this sprite collab was for enjoyment an sharing the love for humour in sprite animating.. i apparently told a few people i retired on sprite animating after a comfortable win with Daily 5th anyway...

i was happy not to have it frontpaged after it got daily 5th place.. but for the sake of recognition keep it on as long as you want I don't care.



sprite collab? last feat

2012-05-27 04:32:56 by SnowyBangers

I'm gonna being Game Under! one more time before sprite anaimtions are a thing in the past. seeing that I'm inviting anyone to join, give it a shot ;)

more info in the link below

join Game Under! Volume 5

And yeah don;t worry, I've worked on some drawn animation projects (durrr). be sure to watch Bad Ideas 2: Rage-quit Lad sooon when its completed numbnuts!