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Animator dude who can't contain nostalgia attacks and crave chicken of all sorts on a plate. I make short serious animations and unnecessary parodies

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SnowyBangers's News

Posted by SnowyBangers - August 31st, 2011

I have talent. let me surprise ya!!!

Oh hey guys, I'll be joining 2 collabs

Holy Sprites 3
and I walked Into A Shop collab

friekin good!

It seems I haven't got the motivation to get a vibe out of flash animating.

To be honest, back down you prize-winning thugs! I'm inspired with myself and bleh bleh people not you lot, your the competition! grrrr! don;t mean to sound like I have to Johnny Cage the crap out of your balls but grrr I dunno.

Oh yeah coming soon.. developing a series to take the piss out of people.

oh anyone wanna join Game Under! Volume 5 soon? join. I don't look down on above-average sprite animators :)

oh I'm available for voice-acting ;) and any other collab roles you want me to contribute to :P

so peace you guys


Posted by SnowyBangers - July 23rd, 2011

well it should be my very first front page new post so here's what i wish to inform you peoplez

Sprites are fun to animate with ok?

I shall consider doing Game Under! Volume 5, considering Game Under! Volume 4 scored Daily 3rd. so i figured the 5th installment is worth it


A Street Fighter 2 Turbo collab where each animator can do a parody to a character each
(good for a possible selection for the Street Fighter collection ;) )

and other things to.. I would love to do some voice-acting for people's flashes as well :) cus I'm always happy to do that sort of stuff as well (sorry no can do for a voice demo reel on NG) but I have done some voice-acting in some of my own flashes though..

I'm thinking of playing around with Fruity Loops and create some loop tracks for free-for-all purposes ;) would be pretty cool i say peoplez :P

also, I haven't got the motivation for solo project at the moment, the vibe has not come through to me yet at the moment, so oh.. slam dunk..

I CAN DRAW you know! i'm aware that sprite animations isn't the shiz no more but its my way to catch up on what I always wnated to do all these year peoplez. :P

as for my way to do something decent, I'm still motivated to run a non-sprite collab

ever heard of world Industries huh? well you know there's two mascots always at war wiht one another element >|< moleculed liquid

join the collab peoplez :P
world industries?

yeah it all sounds so gay to you, but ey.. its decent word vomit. bleh :P

have a lovely day

peace :)

SnowyBangers Xp.

oh and to check something worthy of my sprite talent and my first collab runned by me
Game Under! Volume is under here peoplez
thing 1

Posted by SnowyBangers - July 1st, 2011

My first major collab runned by me. First daily award for me :)

bronzed beauty ;)


Posted by SnowyBangers - May 17th, 2011

Game Under! Volume 4 is due very soon peoplez..

it's the last sprite flash i'll do since sprites are not the popular Flash trend no more ;(

so just 4 volumes = no worries. ^^ :)

I'll just be joining other people's collabs for now everyone.

remember. you make an awesome flash = risk of decompilement, [DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN]

or in other words, Flash decompilers on Earth, keep those Firefoxes out of our lives!

p.s - this has no effect on me sicne those awesome flashes are my ghastly sprite movies and collabs ran by others haha :P

anyways. peace everyone

SnowyBangers :)

Posted by SnowyBangers - April 13th, 2011

here's an update on what i'm doin peoplez.

Game Under 4 - MY COLLAB!
A Tankmen tribute for Pico Day
part for the Pikmin Collab
part for maybe the Movie Parody Collab 1

good enough?

Posted by SnowyBangers - March 30th, 2011

join Game Under! Volume 4 :P

Posted by SnowyBangers - February 12th, 2011

DAILY 7TH! :D yet quite close for a damn daily trophy :\ ah well

Creepin up some recognition :P

Posted by SnowyBangers - January 18th, 2011

the bird is aware.

Posted by SnowyBangers - January 1st, 2011

The Sketch Collab 2011 (participating in) is gonna be epic! :D

Posted by SnowyBangers - December 5th, 2010

at the moment I've been working in..
- The Trippy Collab
- The Pop Collab!
- The Favourite Game Collab!
- 'Pong'
- Bad Ideas

nice set-up of collabrative efforts I'm making here

Game Under! Vol 2 released around mid December

anyways who made whothese days?